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7 Best Books to Read for Men in 2020 [ Buying Guide]

Best Books to Read for Men

During a lifetime of men, there are many different phases where men have to act according to the respective situation. There are a lot of things which can help a man to grow and accomplish many things. Reading is one of the most important habits any man should possess. Adopting this habit can make life smooth and better.


There are many great books which can be very simply related to any man, which is always must-read by every man. Books have the power to change a whole perspective in both good and bad ways. Be it fiction or non-fiction, Books have always proven to be men’s best friend and pal. Either you are traveling, sitting at home doing nothing or just had a stressful day, there is always a book that will make you forget everything and make you feel relaxed.

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Best Books to Read for Men


We have listed 7 Best Books to Read for Men which are of different genres and which will add meaning to your life.


1. Rich Dad Poor Dad:



One of the most acclaimed books for its wisdom of financial breakeven every person should have in their life. Through a particular storyline, Robert Kiyosaki explains how both side of the story equally affects a growing child’s mind.


Finance is one of the most important things to worry about and to handle, however, Robert Kiyosaki explains it very neatly and smoothly.


Even though published in 1997, this book teaches us financial independence and literacy about the subject.



2. To kill a mockingbird:


Whenever a subject or discussion is going around of classic novels, To kill a mockingbird always finds its spot in everybody’s heart. Harper Lee has won millions of hearts from this book.



Fighting injustice, a local lawyer risks everything to save an innocent black man. To Kill a mockingbird teaches how to help each other in all the situation, there are many great teachings in this book which can help us in our day to day life and help us in understanding each other more.

Harper Lee has also released a sequel for ‘To Kill a mockingbird’ in 2015.


3. Who killed the Change?



One of the most clever books by Ken Blanchard, where a narrative story about a detective solving a case about the murder of ‘CHANGE’ in a company. While the Author smartly shows how we do not adapt change and how we kill it by trying it for just a few days and get back to our comfort zone.


Every person is afraid of change but is known for the fact that Change is the only constant thing that revolves around is very necessary. Without which men wouldn’t be able to survive much. Adapting change and accepting it is very important.

There are so many startups that close their business in a day after getting no result, but that is the real test they have to pass off these times and push through it. Who killed the change is one of the Best Books for Young Men and Ken Blanchard has written many more great books in this genre.



4. The Alchemist:


Paulo Coelho has written many great books in his life, but The Alchemist will always be his number one book. The content of the book is very medieval but the wisdom given in the same is very relatable. Finding the ultimate purpose of our life is in our hands.


Following our gut feeling is what every person should believe in despite what people tell you constantly. There are signs and angles available to help you and direct us in the right direction but only when we truly call them, which is what Paulo Coelho tries to teach everyone through The Alchemist making it one of the Good Books for Men.


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5. Harry Potter:


There comes a time in every men’s life where you just have to unwind yourself and disconnect yourself from the outer world. J.K. Rowling has done the magic for you and is ready to take you to a fictitious world where nothing else matters anymore, once you enter into the Harry Potter’s world, you’d never want to leave again.



 Harry Potter has become worldwide famous for its series and the writing of J.K. Rowling, easily Best Book Series for Adults and for everyone who reads it. Even before the cinematic adaptation was made, J.K. Rowling had made sure that her writing is what your eyes need to read.


6. Lord of the Rings:


Tells a tale about a spirit trapped in a ring that holds the ultimate power to destroy everything which comes its way but the ring holder will still be attracted to it. Lord of the Rings has become one of the top-selling novels of all time and nobody in recent times has come close to it when it comes to the sales or even developing such a unique concept.



There are many great books published in many categories but what makes Lord of the rings special? It has everything you’d find in a book, it is a perfect partner for your Sunday afternoon read or when you find Books Like the Selection of genres you like to read. J.R.R. Tolkien has made sure that his writing becomes heart touching to anyone who touches it.


7. Old Man and the Sea:



Ernest Hemingway is known for its philosophy and creating the most brilliant scenes from his pen. Old man and the sea will leave with many emotions and heart touching moments where all you will feel is the connection between you and the character of the story.

Old man and the sea is a quick read which you can read anywhere and read again and again. It is never satisfying thirst which this book will leave to you. For everyone this book is one of the most highly acclaimed and awarded books, one must have this book in their collection.


Apart from this list, there are many great books which you can go to and search for.



Men, remember to read books and grow your life as smooth as a piece of cake!


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