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8 Best webinar software and Programs(Paid and Free) 2020

Best webinar software and Programs

Modern technologies are changing the shape of entrepreneurship and business, as well as science and education. It is prominent to seek that the internet has had a huge impact on the way new information is being disseminated. Thus, the webinars are a great way to get new information, learn or training with a new skill via the web.

A webinar is an event that is held virtually, which is attended exclusively by the online or target audience. It can be part of both educations as well as in the workplace. It is essential to grab that the webinars would open ups new possibilities for people with special needs and those who have been strangled in bad weather.

Yet, it is also a great way for dedicate speakers, industry leaders, scholar etc, to speak something important with more in an inexpensive way. So make sure you are always in the right spot to make use of the most modern technologies.

Best paid webinar platforms:

1. ClickMeeting:

clickmeeting webinar software

ClickMeeting is a sort of a component that can serve as a video conferencing solution for small business that is easy to use and has a free trial. Besides, it also would stand to beef up its customer support. The webinar focus actually tends to lend some additional quality to the video conferencing by boosting the audiovisual experience and incorporating a lot of meeting controls for the host. Though the options offered by the ClickMeeting are practical but will allow your webinar or video to evaluate to the next level.

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2. GoToWebinar:

Gotowebinar webinar software

This type is instant webinar browsing solution that requires scheduling. The webinar training registration in this software is superior. Besides, it has excellent reporting on participation, attendance, and internet-based on who actually viewed your shared screen during the session. The attenders can able to ask queries to presents, panelists, or organizers. The responders can able also able to share the answers with all attendees. The major advantage of the GoToWebinar is there is no additional phone costs are paid in these services.

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3. MyOwnConference:


This type of webinar is one of the most reliable and stable operations present in the market. Thus, it has very user-friendly support and offers a hand within the shortest time possible no matter what queries you have. Yet, you can always get in touch with the tech support team using online chat. Here you can able to find everything you might need for holding up online event. Besides, you have registration pages, adjustable design, webinar recording, invitation mailing and much more offers and features are available.

Pricing Packages

60 attendees$36 per month
150 attendees$60 per month
300 attendees$84 per month
500 attendees$120 per month

4. WebinarJam:


This browsing solution has multiple features, no more downloads and is the most dramatic enhancement to live casting, webinar broadcasting, and event streaming ever released to the public. The webinar jam can increase attendance and sales with the only webinar system that produces an entire live stream event from replay to registration. It is a fully controllable communication. Besides, it has streamed in glorious, high definition, dynamic, flexible layout control which can optimize your display. Since WebinarJam is sometimes also called as webcasts, online events, online webcasts, seminars, or online classes.



This EVERWEBINAR allows you to automate the webinars process like emails, SMS to text messages, replays and so on. Besides, instead of doing live webinars, it allows you to have your own webinar marketing for you 7 days a week, and 24 hours a day. Thus, it offers more freedom and flexibility. The EVERWEBINAR looks really good on the end-user’s side and when people are attending your webinar, they will have an intuitive and a very easy experience. Furthermore, can able to use simulate polls, surveys, chat and so much more.

Best Free Webinar Software

1. Zoom:

It is the most recommended tool for the remote teams in which you can use video calls, host meetings, chats and webinars. The webinar browsing solution can able to conduct live video chat and easy screen-share during a call. The zoom has a recording feature to save and document your sessions. Besides, can able to access meeting analytics such as top users by meeting minutes. Moreover, it also an ability to hold brainstorming sessions with zooms on-screen whiteboard features. Yet it also allows you to access in-depth support such as online chat, FAQ’s, phone support live help, help articles and video tutorials.

2. YouTube Live:

It is the most popular out of all social media platforms that offer live streaming services. The YouTube Live holds the trump card that is efficient monetization of the live videos. Thus, by allowing the viewers to support you through super chat, it is a win-win situation as they get promote them as well. Can able to pro-roll ads before the live video starts and during the streams, you can also able to add mid-roll advertisements. Besides, it is a cost-effective medium and flexible as can able to access through mobile live webcasting.

3. Facebook Live:

The Facebook live video allows user to share the live video streaming via their mobile or smart phone devices. This browsing webinar offers a more intimate level of engagement with an audience. Yet, it has the potential to attract the target audience and generating more branding and online visibility. The video content in this site is more appealing and easier to digest, and viewers can able to grasp the content better than other types of contents. Besides, it also contains unique features such as more desirable, provides the information immediately. Yet it can able to do real-time commenting and live reactions that allow viewers and hosts to interact. 

Bottom line:

You can able to see plenty of options for communication at an affordable option.  Since, webinars are one of the most wonderful ways to enhance and maintain market traffic and customer base. Once if you are equipped to learn about the basics of facilitation, then they are very easy to process. Thus, there is a great demand for one-to-one interaction with modern technology webinars, and even it would create a great work-life-balance when you have a home business.


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