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All the best wishes on your new job Funny, SMS, Greetings, Quotes

best wishes on your new job

It is indeed one of the happiest occasions when someone close to you gets placed in a new job or gets promoted. We all wonder how to wish them, to congratulate them and convey your feelings and in most of the cases we end up with the same old lines to convey our New Job Wishes, like Best Wishes for a new job, Wishes for a new job, Good luck wishes for a new job and it goes on. You can also read Promotion wishes.

No wonder that they receive at least hundreds of such wishes in a day but you can make an attempt to wish the special person by conveying what they mean to you and how fortunate he or she is to get this job and to show that you believe in them and their talent. Also, Read Engagement wishes.

30+ Best Wishes on Your New Job

Good luck wishes for a new job

This is something normal Wishes for a new job can’t do. So let’s take a look at some of the special wishes for your close, whoever it is, they deserve a good appreciation and your best wishes.

#1 Always Take a firm stance, never leave anything to chance, always deliver what you promise, never do anything remiss, always be willing to take initiative, never do anything manipulative, Remember this, whatever your job, just let the motivation within you throb –

A long and wonderful message, that motivates and encourages them to give their best in the new job.


#2 Today, you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-er than you. All the very best and don’t forget to be You always in your job. –

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best wishes on your new job

A message to your close ones, that you believe in them and their skills.

#3 Wishing you to find success, contentment, and satisfaction at your new job! Good luck! –

A simple but special message, wishing them all the success.

#4 More than how much you deserve the job, the job deserves a fantastic person like you! Congratulations- A wish to convey your thoughts that he/she is an ideal choice for the position.


#5 You got this! Knock them out! You’ll do great! Break a leg! Bonne Chance! All the best! Go You! Good luck –

A bunch of random lines to cheer your special one up, if he or she is scared or feeling down about the new job.

#6 Best of luck – for success to be there with you in every walk of life, may all the dreams that your heart hold, dear, come true and may each day of life bring the best for you –

A neat and simple wish to your loved ones, that every day will be great for them.

#7 Get ready for some awesome work ahead, you always wanted to do this right, so keep your head high and eyes focused on sight, may you achieve your every dream! May you get to work with a wonderful team, all the best for your first day at work! Have a lovely day! –


Best Wishes for New Job

Best Wishes for New Job First Day

A long but a strong message to convey your feelings when your dear one lands in his or her dream job.

#8 Good luck – Make a wish on a new day may good luck always come your way –

A simple message, wishing them success every day

#9 Take a deep breath – You are amazing, you’ve totally got this! Believe in Yourself, you are strong. I’ll be cheering you on! You are totally capable – Good Luck –

A strong and motivational message to encourage him/her to be strong at their new job.

#10 Congratulations! Your sincere effort deserves this success! All the best for your future endeavors – A simple message to convey your appreciation for their achievement.


#11 opportunities like this don’t come too often. I am glad that you grabbed it. Congratulations and best of luck!! –

A smooth message, appreciating them for their efforts.

#12 Break a leg!! but not one of your actual ones because they are important, So basically I am just saying good luck and all that good stuff! You Rock!! –

A funny and at the same time a strong message to keep up their good work and achieve success in their new endeavors.

#13 New Job is an amazing chance to show the world what you are capable of. You have everything to be great. Just use it and never give up on your dreams! All the very best –


All the Best Wishes for New Job

Best Wishes for a new job

A message expressing your belief in them and how well they can pull off this job easily and smoothly.

#14 Congrats!! May your new job opens limitless opportunities

Conveying your appreciation for this new job and also wishing them the best for their upcoming challenges and achievements.

#15 You will never find out your real worth until you give life your best shot. Work hard and give it all you have got. You will find more success than you had ever thought!! Congratulations-

Good Luck Wishes for New Job

Good Luck Wishes for New Job

A strong message, wishing them to be strong and do more hard work, hustle every day.

#16 Good luck with getting better colleagues than us!! All the very best champ –

A funny and emotional message for a colleague who just got promoted or got a new job.


#17 Reach as high as you can and then reach a little higher. There you will find magic and possibility. And maybe even cookies. Good luck –

New Job Wishes

Does your friend love food more than anything else? Then this is the right message for them. Asking them to aim high and achieve higher.

#18 I wish you all the best with your endeavors and may everything come out in your favor. Everywhere you go, everything you do, May the lady luck smile down at you! Good Luck!! –

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The wish is reserved for the men from their special lady, who is his lucky charm.

#19 This is just the start of something big!! Good Luck


Sending some positive vibes to your close one through a small message.

#20 Keep going! You came a long way and you are almost there! All your hard work will pay off in the end – All the very best for your new job

Expressing your belief in hard work and whatever trouble may come, wishing them to make all go away with their hard work.

#21 Your ability has taken you to the new height of success! This great job is all because of your dedication and hard work; and yes confidence too!  Many congrats to you! Stay blessed –

Wishes for a new job

Congratulating them on what they’ve achieved because of their talent and struggles.

#22 Good luck with your new job! Throw on a suit and pretend you know what you are doing –


A really fun way to tease your friend who has just got a new job.

#23 May your new job be exciting and fun! May you accomplish all that is yet to be done! May you get success by the ton! May you become employer number one.

A rhythmic message to remember, a wish that is just astounding with its tone.

#24 The first day of your new job can be scary but remember; Others are more afraid of you than you should be of them – Keep that in mind and walk fearlessly –

Asking them not to back off whatever happens and how scary the job is. Have their back mentally if he or she is feeling down.


#25 And so the adventure begins; Tie the band around your wrist! Now close your eyes and make a wish! Over time the strong will say! Then you know your wish is on its way! Good Luck –

Best Wishes for New Job First Day

A magical way of wishing them all the very best in their new job.

#26 You are on your way to do some great things indeed! Congratulations and best wishes for your new job! –

A short message conveying your wishes and belief that they’ll just do fine in the new job.

#27 Good luck with your new job! This is the opportunity you are waiting for, So give it your best shot! Good Luck –


A nice way of wishing your close one when he finally achieves his or her goal and lands in their dream job.

#28 Stop wasting your time on stress and doubt! Just enjoy every new beginning! All the best for the new job –

If your friend or a close one is too scared or doubtful about the job, cheer him/her up with this wish.

#29 Take pride in how far you have come and had faith in how far you can go; You’ll do just great! Good Luck –

This message is a sign of belief, that this is not the limit and asking them to spread their wings and rise further.


#30 Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet keep looking and don’t settle as with all matters of the heart you will know when you find it –

One of the best sayings of Steve Jobs, to motivate them and encourage them to provide their best in the new job.

Loved these? Yes, they are way better than the usual Best wishes in your new job or a little more elongated wishes like Best Wishes for a new job the first day or All the best wishes for a new job.

The point is you should really mean it when you are wishing someone and these mere wishes are just fleeting clouds.

So it’s nothing wrong with some new job wishes which are funny and long meaningful wishes.




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