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Ceo and Founder of Flexjobs Sara Sutton Biography and Know Her Growing Business

Ceo and Founder of Flexjobs Sara Sutton Biography

Sara Sutton Fell is the establisher and Chief executive officer of FlexJobs. It’s an award-winning, innovative career website for telecommuting, flexible, freelance, and part-time job listings. Equally, it’s a one-stop resource for remote teams and companies. She was also named as a Young Global Leader in 2014 by the World Economic Forum for her work in technology and the employment fields.

Besides, is a graduate of UC Berkeley and currently lives in Boulder, Co. Currently, she is also the producer of The TRaD Works Conference, confined to helping businesses leverage the gains of telecommuting, remote, and distributed teams. Further, for getting an in-depth analysis about her read on Sara Sutton biography and her Flexjobs company to know more.

Ceo and Founder of Flexjobs Sara Sutton Biography

Sara Sutton wiki

Speaking of Sara Sutton Fell Linkin – Sutton is known as the queen of remote work. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of the online job industry. She is the CEO and author of FlexJobs, an innovative job website concentrating on full-time and part-time remote careers, employee and freelance jobs, and on-site jobs with flexible, part-time, and alternative schedules. Fell is also the inventor of The TRaD works discussion, devoted to helping corporations leverage the services of telecommuting. Currently, she is educating people about the benefits of remote working and work flexibility because she believes it is a better way to work benefiting both employees and employers.

Sara Sutton work initiation

The idea for FlexJobs came was proposed by Sara in 2017, an experienced entrepreneur who at the time was pregnant with her first child. She was looking for flexible work arrangements for herself and discovered how challenging it was to find something legitimate and in-line with her career. Commissioned by her passion for the idea and her previous involvement in the job services industry, Sara decided to design a clean, professional, well-designed job site dedicated to providing only the best legitimate telecommuting and freelance jobs. And of course, she established the firm from her home office.



Talking FlexJobs review – It was started in the year 2007 when founder Sara was frustrated with her own flexible job search. As the founder of an entry-level employment service, she knew what the employers and potential employees were looking for and set out to fill the gap. Today, FlexJobs is lying in the top-rated board for telecommuters. The company partners with a lot of high-quality companies that offer telecommuting positions regularly. Besides, you can also find several jobs on her site featuring flexible work from home options, seasonal work, and other types of alternative scheduling.

Is Flexjobs Legit?

Now, you may have a lot of doubts – Is Flexjobs Legitimate, how many consumers reach the site, or Is Flexjobs a Scam. The answer to all your queries is that Flexjobs is genuine. This is not a fake system where you need to sign up for getting some information. Or need to recommend their sign up with a bunch of other services to work remotely.


How relevant is Flexjobs

If you ask how does Flexjobs work? Searching for jobs here is quite easy compared to other job portals. They offer you an advanced job search option that lets you search by keywords, work schedule, telecommuting level, career level, and more. That means if you are looking only for full-time 100% telecommute entry-level positions, you will get specific positions relevant to your keyword. All in all, you get to decide what kind of job you want and then spend your time applying to only those jobs instead of digging through job listings.

Flexjobs cost

The next important thing to understand is How Much Does Flexjobs Cost? Well, their offerings are quite inexpensive.

  • Month-to-month subscription is $14.95 per month
  • For three months is 29.95 (about $10 per month)
  • For one year is $49.95 (that breaks down to about $4 per month)

Flexjobs ratings

If you ask Is Flexjobs worth it? Yes, of course, FlexJobs offers satisfied job listings. So far, it has a consumer rating of 4.66 stars with more than 2,060 positive reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. In short, FlexJobs ranks 1st in the category of freelancing sites.

Other Flexjobs benefits

Flexjobs careers will be incomplete without talking about its other benefits.

Discounted career coaching – This is awesome! FlexJobs career coaching attaches you with a career expert who can answer all your queries, offer direction and help you get your exploration on the right track.

Applicant profile – You can create an online resume within your Flexjobs member profile that will be visible to all employers. Equally, Flexjobs allows you to create more than one profile, so you can create one specific to each type of job you are interested in.


These are just a few perks of Flexjobs, apart from this the site has a lot to offer and thus it is considered a big, valuable resource.

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