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Congratulations on your new job quotes – Funny good luck in your new job messages , wishes, SMS

Congratulations on your new job quotes

Congratulations on your new job quotes – Getting a new job is a reason for celebration. Whether it is a friend, family member or a colleague, this is an opportunity that deserves a complimentary message. Best wishes for a new job will make the way for congratulations for your friends, colleagues, who get a new job. You should congratulate them by congratulatory message for new work because they are going to make a new start in life. If you send greetings to your loved one for a new job, surely he will get inspiration and encouragement. So take a look through our collection of new job greetings for new job, through our collection of best of luck in your new job.

Congratulations on your new job quotes

Congratulations on your new job quotes

Hare we are share Congratulations on your new job quotes.  I Hope You can send these best wishes for new job with our friends, Family & colleague.

Congratulations! I wish you all the best as you venture into this new job of yours. It’s a perfect match for you. Enjoy your new career!

Honey, we are so proud of you that we almost bought you a car! Kidding! We are not that rich. But seriously, good job on the interview! You nailed it, you got hired!

A new job is not a new beginning, but it is a path to create a new ending. Congratulations!


A new job is not just an outlet for your creativity, it is a chance for you to chart out your future and shape your destiny. Congratulations.

Congratulations on your new job! You have all the qualities needed to succeed, I know you will do great things on this new chapter of your life. Keep it up!

Getting a new job is easy. Being offered a new job is not. Congratulations on being headhunted.

Congratulations for breaking up with your old job and hooking up with a new one immediately after. You are a player indeed.

A new job is like a sponge. You can either let it soak up failures or you can squeeze every last drop of success from it.


Working with you was a bliss to all of us. May you find success with your new job, best of luck to you!

Congratulations message for new job

in this section we are share congratulations message for new job. I hope you like these congratulations on new job massages & wishes.

Life is full of new beginnings… and as you make one together. Here’s wishing that brings you all the happiness that you ever dreamed of!

With pride and pleasure I want to proclaim, that your new job will give you money and fame. Congratulations.

A new job is a recognition of previous work experience and past achievements. Congratulations!


Now that you have a job, you can pay back all your debts. I only accept cash. Congratulations on the new job, bro! They were not wrong hiring you.

New jobs only come to those who show potential, promise and perfection. Congratulations for having all three.

New job, new life! Congratulations on this new start. Continue doing great and eventually, success will come.

Wishing you a really successful new career. Good luck!

Congratulations on your new job. The hard work you put in at college has paid off. I hope this job fulfills all your dreams and aspirations. Good luck.


Good luck with the new job and your career aspirations. All the best

Funny quotes about starting a new job

Hare we are share funny quotes about starting a new job. I Hope You like These first day of new job quotes.  You Can also share new job quotes funny on social media.

Thank god someone finally realized that terrific employees like you need a better pay. Congratulations.

Your new job is one more addition to the list of things that I envy you for. Congratulations.

I’m feeling pity for the guy who hired you. He must be a plain stupid or blind to choose someone like you to hire for the job. But congratulations anyway!


I hope your new boss is half as grumpy as your old one and your new colleagues are double the fun as your old ones. Have a good time in your new office.

The good luck wood duck says, good luck. He is a duck of very limited imagination. Best of luck for your new job!

A new job is like a girlfriend or boyfriend. It will break up with you if you take it for granted. I wish you good luck.

The more you earn for yourself, the more you can spend on friends like myself. Congratulations on your new job.

May your new job bring make you a billionaire so that we can party at your expense. Congrats.


Welcome to the world of suits and ties, and responsibilities. Lots of responsibilities. Congratulations!

Don’t let your new job be a new excuse for not visiting me. Congratulations.

I Hope You like These congratulations on your new job quotes & best wishes for new job first day. You can share these congrats on your new job Quotes with our friends, Family members & colleague on social media like facebook, twitter & whatsapp etc.

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