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Happy Engineer Day 2020: Wishes, Quotes, and Messages

Engineer Day

Happy Engineer Day 2020: The Engineer day would be celebrated during various dates across different parts of the world. Engineer Day in India will be observed each year on September 15 as just a magnificent memorial to Bharat Ratna Visvesvaraya, the most outstanding Indian engineer.

He was birthed on September 15, 1860. Visvesvaraya represented as the former head flood protection design engineer for the city of Hyderabad, and also the lead engineer in charge of maintaining the Krishna Raja Sagara canal in Mysore. India’s engineering department is observing this day in his remembrance.

To honor Visvesvaraya, the most incredible Indian engineer people used to send Happy Engineer Day wishes, Engineer Day messages, Greetings, Scraps, and Cards.

Happy Engineer Day 2020 Wishes, Quotes, and Messages

Engineer Day
  1. Can this day be your most unforgettable day with your manager asking you to accomplish two-day tasks without mercy in less than a day? Genuinely wish you your special day greetings. Happy Engineer Day 2020.

2. We are constructing the planet(Civil Engineer)
We build a world of wonders (Computer Engineer)
We link the planet (Electronics Engineer)
We are the world’s energies (Electrical Engineer)
(Mechanical Engineer) We transform the world
Feel very lucky to an Engineer.
Happy Engineer Day.

3. Everyone says that engineering is so easy that it’s just like wandering in a park. And only Engineers know what Jurassic Park is named. Wish you Engineer Day 2020.


4. Did you remember, the man that there’s an Engineers’ Day? For you, this is the most memorable day. Appreciate the day with even more work, and maybe you’ll be struggling to finish the project on time. Happy Engineer Day 2020.

Happy Engineer Day quotes

5. You will be a Physician and save lives.
You should be an advocate and protect life.
You can be a military man, and you can protect life.
But why do you exist to compete with anyone?
But we were really being engineers to mess up our whole futures.
Happy Engineer Day.

6. We can’t change the environment, but we can transform the world!! We don’t have reading material in hand, but we do have innovative vision thoughts! We are the Earth’s uncommon human Community!! Join us, such Engineers! Happy Engineer Day 2020.

Happy Engineer Day Massages

7. The uniqueness of engineers: a first chair learner knows the answer to the whole matter, and that only the last chair learner has the confidence to confront every massive issue! Grateful to you Happy Engineer Day.

8. People who made the ultimate sacrifice their sleep, food, applause, and other pleasures of living generations ago have been called “SAINTS” presently they are considered ENGINEERS. Happy Engineer Day 2020.

9. The planet beyond engineers going be like the existence of a plant without sunshine and the heart is pumping in the body without blood. Engineers are an essential part of society, and therefore they deserve recognition for the work they do. Happy Engineer Day.

Happy Engineer Day wishes

10. Happy Engineer Day 2020! We should always commemorate this day so that we let every people recognize that their facilities are of tremendous value to us and that every one of them is jewels that we adore to have.

11. Engineering is a scientific knowledge that has all the characteristics of architecture. You can’t draw your imagination and creativity on Earth’s gallery wall, without becoming a designer. Happy Engineer Day.


12. Engineering is one of the noblest professional groups because it uses science to acquire innovative solutions to real-life problems the familiar people experience. That’s the Community’s obligation! Happy Engineer Day.

Happy Engineer Day

Happy Engineer Day Quotes

  1. At its heart, engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions. It is a noble profession. — Queen Elizabeth II

2. Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. — Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft

3. Engineers Like To Solve Problems. If There Are No Problems Handily Available, They Will Create Their Own Problems. ― Scott Adams

4. One Man’s “Magic” Is Another Man’s Engineering. “Supernatural” Is A Null Word. ― Robert A. Heinlein

5. When You Want To Know How Things Really Work, Study Them When They’re Coming Apart. ― William Gibson, Zero History

Engineers are accelerating development, and are therefore the real drivers of growth. They really need all the appreciation, so they stay inspired and coming up with more giant wonders of engineering to make us comfortable. Let’s hastily wish them Happy Engineer Day and making them feel appreciated.


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