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Happy Holi Wishes, Message, Quotes, Greetings and SMS

Happy Holi Wishes

Happy Holi Wishes, Message, Quotes, Greetings and SMS, Photos and Images

Hello friends, we know that our country is a cultural country and we celebrate many of the festivals with happiness and enjoyment.
Today I will suggest you some Happy Holi wishes and massages and some written Greetings.

Holi Message

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Now we will discuss something about Happy Holi wishes

Happy Holi

  1. “Hope your life is a frame with all the colors of love and happiness today and always. Happy Holi

2. This Holi, I pray to God to bless your life
With the color of happiness and health
May you always smile to brighten my days. Happy Holi

3. A day full of colors
A day full of excitement
A day full of wishes
Yes, it is Holi
A day to receive love. Happy Holi

4. Here’s wishing you a Holi
Filled with sweet movements
And colorful Memories
To cherish Forever. Happy Holi


5. Red, Green, Yellow and Blue
The colors of Holi remind me of you…..
Coz just like then you are……
So vibrant and full of fun…..
Happy Holi

6. May your life be coloured
With the hues of happiness
Enjoy the festival spirit
And the music of celebration
Happy Holi

7. May the splash of colours
Bring joy within your family
Have a Happy Holi

Happy Holi Wishes

Happy Holi Quotes

8. May God gift you all the
Colours of life, colours of joy, colours of happiness, colours of friendship, colours of love
And all other colours you wait to paint in your life
Happy Holi wishes

9. Best wishes to you for a Holi filled with sweet
Movement memories to cherish for long
Happy Holi

10. Movement of Holi are to be celebrated together so that the memories can be relished later. These are the memories I wish to live with forever Have a wonderful and colorful Happy Holi forever


11. Holi is the day to express love with colours. It is time to show Affection
All the colours that are on you Best wishes of Holi to you

12. On Holi, the festival of colours and joy
I want to say thank you for all
The love and smile you have brought to my life
Best wishes of Holi to you

13. May the festival of colors
Brings the brightness of colors
To your life
Happy Holi wishes to you

14. Best wishes to Holi
Enjoy the brightness of colors
Joyful movements and make the holi
More memorable

15. Holi is the perfect time
To break the ice
Breath new life into
Relationship and have a
Blast with people with
The bright color of festival
Wish you Happy Holi


Happy Holi Quotes

Happy Holi Photo

16. Colours brings so much joy may the cheers
Of colors always remain in your life
Happy Holi

17. Let make a bonfire of our negativity and
Bring a color of positivity into our life
Wishing you health, wealth, and sheers happiness on this Holi

18. Holi is the time to unwind, De-Stress and
Bond with sweets, Thandi and colors

19. Peace from white
Power from red
Knowledge from yellow
Development from green
Love from pink
May this Holi add all the colors in your life?
Happy Holi

20. Hope the colorful festival,
Blooms into joy, smile, and good times
Making each day of your….colourful and happy

21. Celebrates the colors
Of our beautiful relationship
I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life, Have a colorful and Happy Holi


Happy Holi Greetings

Holi Greetings

22. Colours of Happiness and joy are
The most Beautiful Colours of life
Hope they stay forever in your life
Wishing you Happy Holi

23. Equality Love Happiness
Wishing you a Holi full of fun and frolic
Eat guys, dance like crazy
And enjoy the festival
Happy Holi

24. I am sending you all love and best wishes
As you and your family join
The celebration of Holi festival

25. May you have a colourful Holi filled with
Bright colours and water balloons
Best wishes to you and your family on this
The beautiful festival of colours
Wishing you Happy Holi

26. Festival us reason to
Retain with friends and family
Forget the stress and enjoy the festival of Colours
Happy Holi

Happy Holi Massages

Happy Holi Wishes

27. Auspicious red. Sun-kissed gold
Soothing silver. Pretty purple
Blissful blue. Forever green
I wish you and your family the most colorful Holi.

28. I hope god paint the canvas of
Your life with beautiful colors
Happy Holi to you and your family


29. May this festival spread into
Your life peace, prosperity
Happiness and good health
Wish you very Happy Holi

30. Holi is the special time of the year
To remember you that we are close to your heart with splashing colors
Happy Holi

Now we have discussed all the Holi wishes and Happy Holi massages. At last, we know the real meaning of Holi and the reason to celebrating this Festival.


Q1. what is Holi festival?
Ans. Holi is the festival of colors which takes place in every spring season. It is celebrated every year in the end of the winter on the day of the full moon arise in the sky. It is a two-day holiday day of march known as Holika Dahan.

Q2. Why do we celebrate Holi?
Ans. It is a Hindu festival but celebrated all over the religions and also all over India. It is celebrated for winning of good on evil. This is also an ancient time festival celebrated to bring freshness all over the world.


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