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7 Hillbilly Elegy Discussion Questions by J. D. Vance

Hillbilly Elegy Discussion Questions

Memoirs, a form of writing through which a historic event can be easily described and re-lived. In the category of non-fiction, memoirs are a highly acclaimed genre in which people look forward to reading now and then. In 2016, J.D. Vance releases Hillybilly Elegy and it instantly became a bestseller under the non-fiction category. In 2016 when analyzed, Hillybilly Elegy came under 10 most brilliant and read the book in memoirs.


Spoilers are the worst thing to spread but Book Hillbilly Elegy Review can be stated as below without giving out any valuable information:



While everybody has set their minds on monotonous book storylines, it was really unlikely that a debut author like J.D. Vance would make a breakthrough from writing a memoir. Around the globe, this book has made its presence felt and made many people understand the real face of politics with his writing and research. There are a lot of elements of Hillbilly Elegy which makes it very special and explains why it got the push so early.


J.D. Vance has captured a perfect scenario for readers and gathered many facts and truths to serve through the memoir. Being a debut author, he has done a splendid job and in 2020 or 2021 we are going to receive another one of his pieces of art.

Vance, J. D.



There are many book clubs that keep Hillybilly Elegy in their discussion and continuously host sessions for the same. If you are also planning for the same, there are some Hillbilly Elegy Book Club Questions which will help you spark an interesting discussion with other fellow readers:

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Hillbilly Elegy Book Club Questions


1. During the J.D. Vance’s family struggling period, discuss what the author should have kept his goal and was it the right perspective during such time?



2. J.D. Vance has explained how alcohol and drugs play a vital role in Appalachia, do you think it is the reality people have not seen about Appalachia?


3. Mamaw and Papaw play a very important role in Vance’s childhood, he shaped his life according to it. Why these two-character play such an important role and share such a bond with Vance? Would Vance’s life be any different if Mamaw and Papaw did not play such a key role during his childhood?


4. Discuss how family word means for J.D. Vance and how it does for other members of the family. How the whole family adapts and plays a part in the Appalachian culture?



5. How big political and government support Vance had gotten and in his point of view why and how much did it matter?


6. Despite many speculations, for Vance what do you think would solve Appalachian culture’s crisis?



7. The author chose a very unusual title for the book, why do you think only this title made it on the cover of the book? Do you think any other title would give more justification to this memoir?

 With these Hillbilly Elegy Discussion Questions are you going to have a wonderful time with your fellow reader friends.


Such memoirs are always a part of the controversy, such an endless discussion!

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