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20 Ways how to be a better boyfriend in Teen Age

how to be a better boyfriend

It’s a law that guys are more driven by tangible things – they wish to provide nice things for their girl, they want to look good for her and they want to say the best things and do the best things. But girls, on the other hand, are more driven by non-tangible things – they want you to connect with their heart, they want to know how you feel for them, they always desire security and trust. Thus, an ideal man or partner is one who masters the art of these special things. Many times, getting in a relationship is easy but keeping that love alive seems difficult. So, once you find the girl of your dreams you should develop yourself to become a better, attractive man.

20 way How to be a better boyfriend

how to be a better boyfriend

Further, check out these lists of boyfriend tips to know more. 

1.Try to know your girl

This is one best tip on how to become a good boyfriend. Knowing your girl well will support you find the perfect gifts to give her, plan thoughtful surprises, and perform other gesticulations that will win her heart. So, take interest in learning more about your girlfriend. When you are talking with her or chatting with her online, ask inquisitive questions that may open up into personal discussions. Have good conversations with her about important memories, childhood experiences, desires, dreams, and future ambitions. Equally, try avoiding boring series of long questions as it’s not an interview. 

2. Let her know you better

Being open and transparent is a sign of being a better boyfriend. If you truly love her, you don’t need to hide anything. Let her know your details. Allow her to recognize who you truly are. Let her also affirm you for who you truly are.

3. Honor your lady love

Being in a relationship is awesome feel and you should also have some responsibilities regards your girl. So, don’t make decisions or actions without your partner’s consent or knowledge. If she says don’t hang out with your drinking companions, follow your queen’s command. So don’t escape from her by making excuses.


4. Give her respect 

Another great tip on how to be better boyfriend is respecting your love as a woman, as your girlfriend, and as a human being. Be a true gentleman. Don’t take advantage of her silence, kindness, weakness, patience, and other things. 

5. Support her to grow

Consider her dreams and ambitions like yours. Give her the chance and support she deserves to develop herself as a successful professional, student, artist, entrepreneur, or any best version of a woman she wants to be.

6. Don’t be a controller

Don’t overpower her to change into something she doesn’t want to. But, if you wish to change her attitudes and habits into better ones, try it by becoming a good role model.

7. Always protect her

Try to become a real man. Protect her from any danger. But, don’t overprotect her. If you will overprotect her, you will become her danger and you may likely endanger her freedom also. 

8. Introduce her to everyone

Let her know and feel that you are lucky and honored to have her as your girlfriend. It will also give her the confidence that you are serious and she is yours fully. 


9. Make her feel special

Give her your precious time by cancelling your important meetings or other activities. When you offer gifts, don’t settle with the ordinary but settle for the best. It doesn’t need to be the most valuable but one which you have sacrificed the most.

10. Don’t doubt, trust her 

You know faith is the basis of all relationships. Don’t just rely on your negative imaginations and speculations. Equally, trust is based on evidence. So, if you don’t have a clear indication that she is not to be trusted, continue trusting her with all your mind and heart.

11. Love her friends, family

This is good boyfriends advice you can ever have which can make your girlfriend’s life easier and much happier. Loving her family and friends means showing respect and consideration rather than rudeness and envy to them. Equally, it means rejoicing with the truth instead of delighting with evil. 

12. Try to forgive, being humble

Stop blaming her for all the mistakes and quarrels you carry. Instead, start forgiving and get rid of the grudges inside your heart. To be a more suitable boyfriend, show her that you can go lower just to lift your girlfriend higher.

13. Try to value your relationship

Most women are sentimental with their relationship. Thus, treasure your relationship. So, value your relationship by always remembering that you are in a relationship. Don’t forget her birthdays, anniversaries, or the day you both first met. 


14. Love yourself for a better bond

Keep yourself healthy inside and out. Stop smoking, gluttony, heavy drinking, indolence, and other habits that can slowly destroy yourself. This will make her cherish you more. 

15. Make her love you through actions

Don’t lie or broke promises because they will certainly break your girlfriend’s heart. So, if you want to be the best boyfriend for your girl, be a man of action and give her pure confidence.

16. Try to make her laugh always

Seriously, you don’t have to be a comedian to make someone laugh. Just keep things light and fun, and look at how you both laugh more together than you did apart.

17. Move from your past

Have you ever noticed it? A huge number of relationship problems result from bringing old wounds, pain, and grudges into their present. So, try not to bring your past happenings or past relationships to base decisions on the current ones.

18. Be sweet and caring

It’s said that actions speak louder than words. So, always remember to do sweet things for her instead of relying on sweet turns of phrase. Let her understand the amount of care and concern you have for her through nice gestures. If you are around her when she’s falling asleep, end her day with something sweet, like a poem, short song, short story with a happy ending, or a joke that suits her sense of humor, or anything which will make her dream of you that night.


19. Be a hero in every aspect

When she’s sick, go to her home or hospital, take care of her, and stand aside her sickbed to cheer her up and let her know that she will be fine. If she is in trouble, you should stand for her with enough confidence. Always, give her a feeling of comfort, safety, confidence, and assurance when she is with you. 

20. Be romantic and cheerful

Flowers play an important role in strengthening relationships. So, buy flowers and her favorite food to woo and surprise her the next time you meet. Find an excellent spot like a beach or park, where you two can sit and talk together. Get into sweet talk with her, try to remind her qualities that drew you to her in the first place, restate her beauty, and be charming and genuine.

Summing up

In a relationship, both people should grow together and consistently support each other. Otherwise, love or relationship fails at some point. Above mentioned boyfriends tips are some of the powerful weapons to strengthen your relationship, bringing you very close. Learn them and use them wisely. 

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