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How to Be Your Own Best Friend – Best Tips I’m My Own Best Friend

How to Be Your Own Best Friend

Hello, Again people of the internet. Welcome back to my Blog. Today I will talk about how to be become your own best friend. 

I know it’s tough for us to be our own friend and enjoy our own company, but ever thought why we need to befriend ourselves?  Are we missing friends?  Are we not happy with our friend’s life?  What’s the problem?

The problem is that in this world, no one can understand you more than you.  Your closest friend is just you.

In my opinion, when we are born in this world, we got two best friends that are God gifted. Ask who?


God gives us two friends, first of which is our own body, and second is a mirror.  There can be no better friend for us than these two things because these are the things that never lie to us in our entire life.  These are the two things that accept us with our shortcomings.

At the time when God created our body, he put many flaws in them, and our body is the one who happily accepts all those flaws without any complaints. But after coming to this world, we, our souls, became so ungrateful towards our own body because it has many flaws and disabilities.

We become so questionable to our own self. We have many questions in our minds that why we have this disability, these flaws, and blemishes.

Why are we not perfect like others? Why are we not beautiful, like others? Why we didn’t get fair looks, charming eyes, figure alike model, etc. But we forget that we are god creation and we people don’t have the right to raise a finger on his creation.

If he is created us with many flaws, that means he already charged the prices for somethings bigger than that perfection. And you know what it is our body who never leave us even after others laughed at our shortcomings.  And real friends are those who never leave you, even if it is a moment of happiness, of sorrow.


Another thing is the mirrors. The mirror tells us the truth of our ugly looks, but at the same time, it also tells us, ” Are yaar chill mar, or has ke dikha, fir dekh tera ugly looks bhi khubsurat lagega. And this is the quality we want in our friends who make us laugh, who teaches us how to look beautiful even in your ugliest form.

But it is regrettable that we are often not able to befriend ourselves.  We don’t understand god gifted friends.  And this is the reason that we are not happy from within.

But don’t you think that we should thank our God gifted friends and be friends with them? I mean, become our own friends.

But still, if you are confused about how you can become your own friend, then let me share some tips, through which we can be able to befriend with ourselves.

Some Steps Being Your Own Best Friend

Step 1

Scratch the stickers of shame from your body and treat them like you are happy with this form. Because it is your best friend who treats you kindly and motivates you to be the best person you can possibly be. And if you feel shame on your own structures, you will become reserve and never get the courage to stand out in public, and it resulting in mental illness and depression.


For this, please stop this feeling of shame and try to become a successful person with all these disabilities and flaws. And the people who are laughing on you now because of your disabilities and flaws, later they will must praise you and putting you as an example. 

Step 2

Praise yourself instead of waiting for others. Because in the future, you will get lots of people who will praise you on your successful life, but at present, there is no one who will appreciate you on your little achievements.

But as we humans need courage to do something and that courage will be gotten via praise. So praise yourself for your achievements and say thanks to yourself for making it possible to get the success. Say to yourself that yes, you, it is only you who helped me a lot while cultivating this success.

Recites your name and say you are mind-blowing, you make this possible and hope that you will help yourself for further success. And also say all the very best for the next achievements because apse jyada behtar apko koi good wish nhi kar sakta hai.

Step 3

Ask question to yourself. Because many times in our life, we need to consult other people about making decisions regarding anything, whether it’s related to buy a new dress or about career decisions. But in my opinion ask yourself before asking to others, because no one can give you the right advice, because no one knows your ability better than you.


You are the sole person who can judge your ability. It is a matter of choice. We should give priority to our own choice. Let me give you an example: if you ask to someone whether you looks pretty in these outfits or not, if in case they say that no it didn’t suits you, they will throwing their own perception.

But let me ask one thing, why do we wear clothes to please others? Why do we care about others’ likes and dislikes, ignoring our own choice? Don’t you think instead of asking others how you look in those outfits, you should ask yourself, looking at the mirror.

If your eyes pleased with this one, then it is ok to have them. Ham kis clothes me kaise dikhte hai iska certificate hame dusre se lene ki jarurat nhi hai. It is absolutely ok if they don’t like your clothes.

Let me share another example. Suppose you are a football champion of your institute, and in the last interschool championship, you got the first rank. And many of your teachers, including sports teachers and school mates, praise you for your achievement. You are a skilled person in sports.

But after clearing your intermediates If you are going to ask your parents, friends, relatives, and anyone, whether you should pursue your career in the field of medical or sports, after scoring 95% marks in your intermediate exam. Then let me warn you.


You are going to commit a mistake because sports is your passion, not biology. You got the marks because you have a great sense of humor, but that doesn’t mean you have passion for study. Is field me jane se pehle ek bar khud se pucho kya yeh mere liye hai? Kya meri skill medical science me hai? Kya mujhe apne sports passion ko chor kar medical line me jani chahiye? No, you can’t get the success without passion, and your passion is not going to permit you to choose medical science. So always ask yourself instead of consulting with others. 

Step 4

Laugh at yourself. Because it worked as a tight slap. Ab app soch rhe mai pagal hu kya. Are nhi … I have logic. Let me explain it. See if you laugh at yourself just like your friends laughing on you. It means you don’t have a feeling of regret on your condition.

Because when people didn’t find anything in you to moke you, they started taking advantage of your disabilities and flaws. And try to annoy you… but if you yourself laugh at your shortcomings, they find it waste and think it didn’t work. So Don’t allow other people to laugh on you and for this laugh at yourself.

Hm akele thodi h iss duniya me hmare pass hum khud h to fir kisi ke hone ya na hone se kya fark pdta h …love yourself and enjoy your own company… thank you so much for Reading My ARticle. Om Sai Ram




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