Time just flies away but still, every anniversary is a milestone. Let it be a year or 50th anniversary, it will always be special and a great feeling to plan the day as you like and to celebrate. The day can be memorable by planning something that your spouse likes and that makes your love very special. Here are some of the ideas that you and your partner can celebrate the special day:

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How to celebrate the wedding Anniversary?

  1. It need not be an expensive occasion to make it special. Good idea is to spend quality time together keeping away you from the busy schedule. Because celebrating life together is what anniversary is all about
  2. Plan to do something new. Take your partner to a surprise trip or a ride without giving a clue where you are heading to.
  3. The best part is to watch your wedding video and to remember the special day.
  4. I have been married to many years, revisiting the honeymoon location is one of the best ideas couple like to do.
  5. Think and plan about giving thoughtful gifts other than the usual costly ones. Thoughtful gifts need to be handmade and your feelings are written on them which will make the partner feel special.
  6. Start your day going to a nearby beach to see the sunrise. Spend some time in the fresh air, hearing to the sounds of birds and waves.
  7. Bring romance on your special day by giving an oil massage to your partner, then shower together or fill the bathtub with a soap bubble and enjoy a romantic bath.
  8. Memorable gifts that will remind them of their golden days are of a great idea. So plan for a treasure hunt by hiding gifts at various places and ask your partner to find them.

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