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Never Force Anyone To Talk To You Quotes To Note Down

Never Force Anyone To Talk To You Quotes

Never Force Anyone To Talk To You Quotes : It’s frustrating when the person you want to chat to and spend time with doesn’t communicate with you as frequently as you’d want. However, you can never make someone value you.

If you’re looking for quotations about not forcing people to talk to you, look no further. We’ve compiled the best collection of Never Force Anyone To Talk To You Quotes. Do read and learn ! 🙂

Never Force Anyone To Talk To You Quotes

Never Force Anyone To Talk To You Quotes

1.“Don’t force pieces that don’t fit.”

2.“Never make someone a priority who only makes you an option.”


3.” Don’t force anyone to talk. If they have interest in you they will talk.” ― Dj

4.“You just can’t force someone to talk to them,.. When they don’t want to…” ― Vaibhav Khanna

5.“Don’t force someone to talk to you… If they really want too… They will…” ― Maharatan Kumar

6.“You can’t force people to stay in your life. Staying is a choice, so be thankful for people who choose you.”

7.“If someone wants you, nothing will keep them away, but if they don’t want you, nothing will make them stay.”


8.“In life don’t force anyone to talk to you… And don’t neglect anyone who always want to talk to you.” ― Asmita

9.“Don’t try to force anyone to talk to you. If you do so, they talk just for your compulsion not for their satisfaction.”

10.“Never force yourself to have a space in anyone’s life because if they really know your worth, the’ll surely create one for you.”

11.“I don’t like forced conversations, forced friendships, forced interactions. I simply do not force things. If we don’t vibe, we don’t vibe.”

12.“Don’t force someone to remember you all the time. Just stay silent and let them realize how will they be without you in their life.”


13.“You can’t force someone to keep their word, or to communicate, or to realize that something special is in front of them.” ― Keyshia Cole

14.“You can’t force raging water to be calm. You have to leave it alone and let it return to it’s natural flow. Emotions are the same way.” ― Thibaut

15.“Do your best, then adopt a ” whatever happens, happens ” mindset. Don’t try to force things. Just let go and allow the right blessings to flow.” ― Marcandangel

16.“Don’t force people to love you, to chat with you, to talk with you; it’s a sign to know who is the right person for you. The right person always finds a way to connect with you.”

17.“Don’t force anyone to talk about how they are feeling or to tell you something. Just give them their space and time and if they will feel like to tell then they will tell you by their own.” ― Neha Maurya


18.“I would say that if you don’t feel like talking to the crowd something is wrong and if you force yourself to talk to them things will happen and to that extent things aren’t choreographed.” ― Leo Kottke


19.“I don’t force it. If you don’t have an idea and you don’t hear anything going over and over in your head, don’t sit down and try to write a song. You know, go mow the lawn… My songs speak for themselves.” ― Neil Young

20.“I’m at that point in my life where I don’t force communication with other people. You wanna talk to me? Great, we can talk for hours to end. You don’t wanna talk to me? That’s chill, too. I’ll be fine with or without you lol.”



Forcing Anyone To Talk Not Worth It Quotes


21.“Like anything , you don’t force kids to cook. It just becomes a part of life – have them be around it, keep them informed – talk about it. I try to rely my passion for it in these ways. The second you try to force anything on your own kid, they rebel.” ― Tedd English

22.“I am so tired of people and myself, that I don’t force anyone to stay or talk to me. If you want to stay or talk, most welcome. If you don’t want to talk or stay, you are good to go. I won’t force you, because I am tired of wasting my energy on the people who don’t even care or deserve it.”

Never Force Anyone To Talk To You Quotes

23. “You will never gain anyone’s approval by begging for it. When you stand confident in your own worth, respect follows.” — Mandy Hale

24 “.The more you try to impress, the more you become depressed, and the more they get tired of your coercion. It doesn’t make them love you, instead, they’ll see you as a little child, trying to draw a senseless picture on a piece of paper, begging people to look at it and admire it by force. You can persuade someone to look at your face, but you can’t persuade them to see the beauty therein.”— Michael Bassey Johnson


25. “Every woman that finally figured out her worth, has picked up her suitcases of pride and boarded a flight to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.”— Shannon L. Alder

26.”Two things you will never have to chase: True friends & true love.”— Mandy Hale

27.”Don’t force someone to make time for you, if they really want to, they will.” — Unknown

29.If you walked away from a


toxic, negative, abusive,

one-sided, dead-end

low vibrational

relationship or friendship  — you won.

— Lalah Delia


30.Nobody applauds nature, yet she still glows.— Michael Bassey Johnson

31.”Observe the behavior of the butterfly, and chase no one, for they will only elude you.” — Michael Bassey Johnson

33.”If it comes, let it come. If it stays, let it stay. If it goes, let it go.”— Nicholas Sparks

37.”Be a bit of a challenge; not because you’re playing games but because you realize you’re worth the extra effort.”— Mandy Hale

38.”Dignity will only happen when you realize that having someone in your life doesn’t validate your worth.”— Shannon L. Alder

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