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51 Quotes from Nike, Slogans, and Commercials to Spark Motivation

Quotes from Nike

In 1964, the company was founded. Nike has grown to be one of the top makers of sportswear shoes, equipment, and footwear around the world, earning more than 24 billion dollars in 2014 alone.

Since the 1980s, Nike’s advertising campaigns (including Nike slogans, quotes and commercials focused on inspiring users to push their limits physically and seek personal triumphs. Nike has used celebrities’ endorsements in several of its advertisements along with motivating slogans that encourage people to be better physically fit.

51 Quotes from Nike, Slogans, and Commercials to Spark Motivation

Below is a list of 51 of the best inspiring Nike slogans, quotes commercials, and Nike quotes.

1. “Believe that something is true. It doesn’t matter if this means giving up everything.”


2. “If you only have one hand look at football. Take it up. On the top possible level.”

3. “Sometimes the greatest thing about being successful is that you can overcome unbeatable odds. Sometimes, it’s enjoyable.”

Quotes from Nike (

4. “Remember that this is what you have to do. It’s a battle royale between your mind as well as your body, and the devil in your shoulders insisting that this is nothing more than playing. It’s a waste of time.”

5. My best is better than yours.

6. Training is not the same as hope.

7. Failure is not an alternative. It’s an action.

Quotes from Nike

8. Yesterday you told me that tomorrow would be tomorrow.

9. Rewrite the history. Refine the role.


10. Be legendary.

11. Get out and run throughout the day. Don’t let it take over you.

12. I believe in changing my definition of impossible.

Quotes from Nike

13. If nobody believes they can, then you must to.

14. “If they talk about the greatest team in the history of a sport, ensure it’s your team.”

Quotes from Nike

15. “As long as the devil is hiding the details, the question remains: is that all you got?”

16. “You’re an lion in a field full of lions. They’re all hunting the same prey with a desperate spirit that claims victory will be the sole thing that will ensure your survival.”

17. “Sometimes it’s something you think about. However, the majority of the time , it’s an experiment you’ve made.”

Quotes from Nike

18. “Will power knows no obstacles. Find your greatness.” – Nike

19. “Make the next 12 months the year of you. Every athlete. Everybody. It’s time to bring your best then better it. Whatever you do, make it count.” – Nike

20 “The ones who say “you can’t” are too afraid you will.” – Nike

21 “Ambitious goals make for outstanding achievement.” – Nike

22. “Remain the fastest. Become the greatest.” – Nike

Quotes from Nike

23. “Practice inevitably gets you a little closer to perfect.” – Nike

24. “Not obsessed with particularly Nike, but sneakers in general. I love them.” Idris Elba

25. “We wanted Nike to be the world’s best sports and fitness company. Once you say that, you have a focus. You don’t end up making wing tips or sponsoring the next Rolling Stones world tour.” Phil Knight

26. “Nike doesn’t want to make products for everyone – they want to make products for champions.” Simon Sinek


27. “‘Slumdog’ was my first movie, and I had never been to India before – I was just a teenager in the U.K. with my headphones and my Nike shoes. What did I know about growing up in a slum?” Dev Patel

Quotes from Nike

28. “A company like Nike can convince people to buy Air Jordans even though they never saw Michael Jordan play.” Deborah Birx

29. “I love Nike’s running shoes and clothes because they feel as light as a feather.” Katia Winter

30. “When we changed from Tiger to Nike, we had to have a design for the shoe. And where do you go to? There’s no ‘dial 9-1-1’ for design.” Phil Knight

31. “I’m merely a fan of fashion from high-end to streetwear, from Nike to Comme des Garcons.” Tinie Tempah

32. “Good ideas are like Nike sports shoes. They may facilitate success for an athlete who possesses them, but on their own, they are nothing but an overpriced pair of sneakers. Sports shoes don’t win races.” Athletes do. Felix Dennis

Quotes from Nike

33. “When I’m living in L.A., I’m mainly a jeans, vintage T-shirt, and Nike high-tops guy.” Jamie Bamber

34. “The only one who can tell you ‘you can’t’ is you. And you don’t have to listen.” – Nike


35. There’s a chance that I’m way too extreme in this regard, however, I don’t wish to be like my rivals. I would like my employees to believe that if we and our competitors are successful, we will not be able to accomplish all that we want to accomplish.

36. It’s fine to be Goliath however, you must always behave as David.

37. The only time you should avoid failure is very last time you attempt.

Motivational Nike Commercials

Nike, Matt Scott, No Excuses:

Nike, I Can:

Nike, Michael Jordan, Failure:


Nike, Courage:

Nike, If You Let Me Play:

Nike, My Better is Better:

The Nike Quotes, Slogans commercials, and slogans encourage a lot of people from all over the globe to strive to become the very best on and off the field. Feel free to leave a comments on your most top Nike quotes and the way they inspire you!

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