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Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books – The Great Alone Book Club Questions

Best Choose Your Own Adventure Books - The Great Alone Book Club Questions

Adventure is something that happens both expectedly and unexpectedly to us. But what about the people who are travel and adventure enthusiastic and couldn’t go to some trek or other adventure on the weekend because of work? For them, and everybody else Books are a doorway to the ultimate source of experiencing the same thrill, vibe, zone, and adventure without actually going anywhere.

 For many people genre of a book is very important, they will not prefer reading anything else but this. From The Three Musketeers to the Lord of the Rings, every thriller book is one of its kind, we can feel the intensity the author wants to convey. A recently published book The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah in 2017, is The New York Times Best Seller.

The Great Alone: A Novel

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When a crisis comes, the Family’s strength is tested. Which happens with Leni and her family when they move to the north, to Alaska. While Alaska is known for its beauty, it is also very famous for its dangers. Kristin Hannah writes about the biggest quest and survival for a family where chances of survival are as equal as zero.


Readers are amazed at such gripping and mind-blowing stories that this book became an instant bestseller and sold many copies in the first week of its release. The Great Alone came into the limelight to many book clubs and many discussions upon it go on, many questions arise to any reader while reading the book and the same are discussed during a group meeting!

Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone Book Club Questions

Here are some the Great Alone Book Club Questions you can talk about and find answers together in your Book Club:

  1. Do you think any other place than Alaska would have created the same effect in the novel? Why do you think Alaska is the perfect location chosen by the Author? Why not someplace else?
  2. To define Alaska’s nature, the author has used many nicknames in the book and called many names for the same. What do you think about it? Does it help the reader to connect with the location?
  3. The plot of The Great Alone is set in the 1970s, do you think it helps the story in any way? Discuss why the author must have chosen such period, according to you what timeline would you choose for this story to take place?
  4. Kristin Hannah has given strength to her character to face such a wild atmosphere, according to you what character plays a key role and does it shape the storyline better?
  5. What were your reactions when you get to know Leni being back in Alaska? Do you think it is a perfect way to end the novel? If not, what alternate end do you think is suitable for The Great Alone?

The Great Alone is the title you’d want to remember for a long time because the craze is growing about it and as you Choose Your Own Adventure Books, Kristin’s book is a must-have in your bookshelf and we are hoping to get something more out of her soon in future.

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