Books always have and always will keep on inspiring and motivating people for ages. But the question arises when we wonder how we get so motivated reading some words which are written by another human being just like us? What is so different about them which we don’t have? Well, the answer is very simple, the greatness which separates people is how we think. Thinking differently is only going to bring you new possibilities and opportunities which these writers state us.

10 Life changing books to read in your 20s

There are millions of books available on Amazon.com which will change how you think and help you to get a better lifestyle, but here 10 Life changing books to read in your 20s:

1.The Alchemist

The Alchemist
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Written by Paulo Coelho a Brazilian Author, The Alchemist sparks light upon the negativity we all feel when something doesn’t go right and is one of the most life changing books. Paulo Coelho directs us to find light in dark places even though the path is filled with problems, God will always send us omens which we have to identify and follow. At the end of the day when you read The Alchemist, you are sure to have a great morning the next day.

Book has a story that is set in the middle-aged era, but many situations are still relatable and surely a book you’d want to read again and again. This Paulo Coelho’s philosophical fiction has sold more than 100 million copies all over the world. Get your copy today!

2. Rich Dad Poor Dad

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One of the most highly acclaimed books by Robert T Kiyosaki. This book is full of learning. Also, there are many books made out of Rich Dad Poor Dad’s ideology. This book quotes that you don’t have to earn a lot of money to become rich but invest smartly enough to keep you satisfied. There are a lot more of these ideologies which people around the globe found amusing and interesting.  

Rich Dad Poor Dad has been translated into many languages making it one of a kind book.

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3. Power of your Subconscious mind

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There are many knots inside out head, and to untie those knots we need guidance. Dr. Joseph Murphy, the author of this book believes that we have the power hidden in ourselves. Dr. Joseph Murphy’s Power of your Subconscious mind is one of the Life changing self help books Our subconscious mind develops situations for us which we’ve always wanted and how universes will help us in the process.

Not only spiritually but Dr. Joseph Murphy has shown scientific ways to believe that our subconscious mind is the key to everything and anything. We can have and give positive energy whenever we want to.

4. How to Win Friends and Influence People

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The title of the book itself tells that we want to do both, win friends and influence people! Dale Carnegie is one of the highest sold authors around the globe and in his every book he has given wisdom, power, and strength to his reader. In ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, Dale Carnegie states fundamentals towards happy relationships of any kind.

Dale Carnegie has written many books throughout his life and there are still some of his writings that are used by people in their day to day lives.

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5. One Minute Manager

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Written by Kenneth Blanchard, the plot is a very professional and targeted audience is the corporate world and managers around the globe. In this book, you will find much great leadership quality, speaking techniques, client handling and other qualities a great manager should have.

Sometimes there are unspeakable situations which fall over a company and to handle such situations manager steps forward, Kenneth explains how a good manager should take instant decisions and how to make them correct

6. The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

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A person, throughout his/her life, possesses many qualities and Habits. Some habits stay with us a lifetime and some we have to quit. Stephen Covey states 7 Habits which will help people to develop confidence, a good lifestyle and great living. Having a positive attitude towards life is difficult but with the help of this book, many people have changed their perspective towards life.

In the early stage of our development, we are dependent. First, three Habits from this book will change that and make it independent. The next three habits will enlighten the first three habits and elaborate on them. The last Habit will help you to renew your life and give you a second chance to restart your living.

7. Attitude is Everything

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Jeff Keller, a highly acclaimed author for his writing about how humans can change their life just by changing their attitude towards work and the way they look at things.

‘Think-Speak-Act’ With this concept Jeff Keller has changed many lives.

The author of this book states that a load of our tiredness and feeling emptiness inside us continuously is just because of our Attitude and our life can take a 360-degree turn from the moment we decide to make small changes. One of the most recommended books by Amazon and by the New York Times. This book is a must to reserve in your bookshelf.  

8. Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of Abdul Kalam

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Sometimes all we need to read. Life-changing begins just as we start believing that how an ordinary person as well can make extraordinary out of their life. Abdul Kalam did not have extraordinary resources, he had a will, to change the world and he did. For him, his country was always first.

APJ Abdul Kalam is an inspiration for the whole world and ‘Wings of Fire’ tells a tale of him as ordinary to extraordinary. How we served his country and fulfilled his spiritual journey. It inspires a lot of the young generation as well as to everyone who reads this book.

9. Think and Grow Rich

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Napoleon Hill was a man of great positivity and thinking. His thought process was unique in itself. Think and Grow Rich has helped millions of people around the globe and at the time of the Author’s death, this book alone sold more than 20 million copies.

Many questions throughout life bother us, Napoleon Hill was no different from us, the only difference between him and us is that he has provided answers to the questions which bothered him and us. This book is all set to transform your life and available on Amazon.

10. The Richest Man in Babylon

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Published in 1926, The Richest Man in Babylon gives financial wisdom to its reader. While reading the book, the Author begs readers to have a learning curiosity to make the most out of this book.

Our mind revolves around the question of how to become rich and wealthy enough to be satisfied. George S Clason explains how financial freedom is taken and applied to our lives.          

Final Words

This life changing books to read in your 20s list can go on… But for starters be with these books so that these books will be within you and help you grow faster and improve every day.  

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