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Valentine’s Day

100+ Best Valentines Day Wishes for Boyfriend, Husband, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband

Valentines Day Wishes for Boyfriend

Valentine’s Day is a festival to celebrate romantic love, friendship, and admiration. Every year on 14th February Lovers celebrate this day by sending messages of love and affection to partners, family, and friends. Hare We sharing one of the Best 20 Valentines Day Wishes for Boyfriend, Husband, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband.

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Valentines Day Wishes for Boyfriend, Husband, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband

Valentines Day Wishes for Boyfriend

1- May You Celebrate Love Not Only This One Day but Throughout the Year. Have a Great One. Happy Valentine’s Day. 

2- No Queen Has Ever Loved Her King the Way You Love Me. You Are the Real King. Love You My Dear,happy Valentine’s Day!


3- May You Feel a Wealth of Love Today and Get All the Hugs and Kisses That You Can Handle. Happy Valentine’s Day!

4- You Are Wise and Know the Way. Thank You for Loving Me Like No One Has Ever Loved Anyone.

5- God Has Created You Only for Me,because He Knows No One Can Love You More Than Me! Happy Valentine’s Day

6- I’m So Happy to Have You in My Life. Happy Valentine’s Day, Sweetheart!

7- Without You I Am Nothing, with You I Am Everything. Thank You to Be My Everything. Happy Valentines Day!


8- Everyday Is Valentines Day Since I Met You. Thank You for Making Every Single Day So Special.

9- Words Will Fail to Describe My Love for You. One Life Would Be Too Short to Live with You. Happy Valentine’s Day.

10- Love Doesn’t Follow Any Rule, It Is a Feeling That Comes from the Core of Your Heart and Plays Its Tricks. Happy Valentine’s Day.

11- Love Doesn’t Follow Any Rule, It Is a Feeling That Comes from the Core of Your Heart and Plays Its Tricks. Happy Valentine’s Day.

12- You Have Managed to Get Through the Walls I Had Put Around My Heart and Made Me Fall in Love with Myself Even More. Thank You, Dear Love.


13- Spread the Spirit of Love and Sacrifice All Around You During This Valentine’s Day. Let Your Loved Ones Feel the Warmth of Your Heart!

14- Thank You for Allowing Me to Be Your Best Friend. on This Valentine’s Day, I Wish for You a Day Full of Love and Happiness. Happy Valentine’s Day!

15- I Pray to God That He Gives You Love and Peace in Life. May Find the Right One to Spend Your Life With. Sending My Warm Wishes for You on This Valentine’s Day!

16- You Deserve the Purest Form of Love Any Day, Not Just on a Valentine’s Day. You Have a Heart Full of Love and Empathy. Wishing You a Happy Valentine’s Day!

17- Valentine’s Day Is All About Love, So I’m Sending Some of Mine to You. Thanks for Being a Friend.


18- Every Day Is a Great Day for Me to Celebrate Our Friendship and the Love We Share. May This Beautiful Journey of My Friendship with You Never End. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine Day Wishes for Lover

19- When in the Dark of the Night My Eyes See the Roof, You Come from Nowhere and Shut My Eyes, and I See Bliss. Love You My Dear. Happy Valentine’s Day.

20- You Are One of the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me, I Feel So Lucky to Have You as My Man.

21- the Day We Met Was the Day When I Decided to Make You My Laugh, Hug, Cry and Crime Partner. Love You, Darling.
Happy Valentine’s Day!


22- a Day Without You in My Life Should Never Come and Even If It Does, Let That Be the Last Day of My Life!

23- Let’s Spend the Day Together Let’s Spend the Night Too Happy Valentine’s Day Love You Are My Day, You Are My Night!

24- I Know This Sounds Really Cheesy but Loving You Is Way Too Easy. Happy Valentine’s Day, My Love!

25- the Day We Met Is a Day, I Will Never Ever Forget. I Have Never Been So Happy Since the Day I Found You.

26- the Best Things in Life Are Not Things They Are People Like You. I Love You!…happy Valentine’s Day!


27- the Journey of Love Is Interesting Because of Your Company. I Love You. Happy Valentine’s Day!

28- Sweetheart You Taught Me the Meaning of Love and How to Love, Happy Valentine’s Day!

29- Love Is Like a Cloud… Love Is Like a Dream… Love Is One Word and Everything in Between…
Love Is a Fairytale Come True… I Found Love When I Found You.

30- with You I Learned That Love Is Great So Do Not Forget the Moments We Shared!

31- We Have Been Through a Lot, and Never Did We Part. the Love We Had from the Start, Continue to Linger in Our Heart!


32- Let Us Always Remember the Love That Binds Us Together. May We Stay Forever in Love with Each Other.

33- with You I Became a Person That Is Full of Life. with Your Love I Found All the Reasons to Survive I Do Not Know What Magic You Did, but Without You I Will Not Be Complete.

34- on Valentine’s Day I Want to Greet, Everyone That I Will Meet. So That on This Special Event, I Know I Have a Lot of Love to Share.

35- I Will Love You Always, Give You All the Happiness. with God as Our Guide, Things Will Go Just Right.

36- You Are My All, Always There Whenever I Fall. You Lift Me Up When I Am Down, Cheers Me Up When I Am Sad. You Are the One That I Love.


37- as Many as the Bees Living in the Beehive, as Sweet as the Honey They Give. as Fresh as the Flowers in the Garden, and as Gentle as the Children. That Is How You Mean to Me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine Wishes for Wife

a Wife Like You Is a Treasure for Anyone. My Life Would Be Incomplete If You Were Not in It. I Love You Truly Madly & Deeply! Happy Valentine!

on This Special Valentine’s List, You’re at the Top, My Love. I Love You, and I Know for Sure, Our Love Will Never End!

I Don’t Know What Good I Did in Life to Deserve Such a Lovely Wife Like You. You Are Amazing in Every Way! I Love You!


May This Valentine’s Day Be Filled with Love, Understanding and Contentment as You Journey Through Life with Those You Hold Dear.

You Have All the Beauty to My Win My Heart & All the Innocence to Blow My Mind Away. Thanks for Choosing to Be My Wife!

If You Feel Cold at Night, Let the Promise of My Love and Hugs Cover You Up Like a Warm Blanket. I Love You So Much My Dear!

a Wife Like You Is a Treasure for Anyone. My Life Would Be Incomplete If You Were Not in It. I Love You Truly Madly & Deeply! Happy Valentine!

Valentine’s Day Is a Day of Love, No One Loves Me More Than You. You Brighten Up My Each Day and You Deserve My Undying Love.
Will You Be My Valentine?


I Don’t Know What Good I Did in Life to Deserve Such a Lovely Wife Like You. You Are Amazing in Every Way! I Love You!

After So Many Years of Stay with Each Other One Thing That I Understand Is That I Can’t Think of Living Without You!

the Time I Spend with You Is So Unique and Special, You Are My Heartbeat and My Life. Thanks for Being Such a Wonderful Wife!

You Have All the Beauty to My Win My Heart & All the Innocence to Blow My Mind Away. Thanks for Choosing to Be My Wife!

Married the Perfect Woman on the Earth and Get to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Her Every Year. Tell Me Am I Lucky or Not. Happy Valentine’s Day Beautiful.


Each and Every Day, I Think About You and I Love You More Than Anyone, You Are Really a Bright Star of My Life, Without You, I Would Not Strive, Love You!

the Search for Happiness of Mine Ends When We Married. Thank You for Being My Valentine for Forever Dear Wifey.

Love Is One Word and Everything in Between. Thank You for Bringing Happiness in My Life and Making My Dream Come True. Happy Valentine’s Day, My Sweetheart.

My Beautiful Wife, I Couldn’t Ask for a More Beautiful Valentine. Have a Sweet and Memorial Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentine’s Day, My Dear. I Want You to Know That When I Said I Will Love You Forever, I Really Meant Forever.


You Are Far More Beautiful Than Any Woman I’ve Met. You Are Far Smarter Than Any Person I’ve Met. You Are Far More Gracious Than Anyone in the World. You Have a Heart of Gold and You Deserve the World. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I Always Feel That I Have Fallen Short on Valentine’s Day. If I Had a Million Bucks to Spend on You, It Would Not Be Enough. You Are Worth Far More Than What Money Can Buy. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day Wishes for Husband

I’m Thankful in Every Way for Having a Husband So Amazing Like You. You’ve Made My Life a Piece of Heaven. Wishing You Happy Valentines Day with Love!

Your Love Makes My World Colorful and Happy. You’re the Reason Why I Smile and You’re the Reason Why I Cheer. Happy Valentine Day!

I Love You Everyday, but I Want to Show More Love to You on This Day. Hoping You Have the Best Valentine’s Day Filled with Love.


Thanks for Walking the Same Road with Me Through All the Storms and Struggles in Life. I’m Lucky for Having You. Lots of Love for You on This Valentine’s Day!

a Day Without a Honey Do List, Better Known as Valentine’s Day. Thank You for Being My Honey and Doing Everything You Do. Happy Valentine’s Day. I Hope You Enjoy Yourself and Are Filled with Love.

Valentine’s Day Is for Celebrating Love with Each Other. You’re My Love Everyday, but Today I Will Celebrate You. Here’s to the Best Husband on Valentine’s Day!!!

When I Picked You, It Wasn’t Because of Flowers or Cards or Chocolates. It Was Because I Loved You. I’m Glad We Can Take This Day to Celebrate Each Other Without the Material Messes. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Is the Perfect Opportunity for Us to Enjoy and Love Each Other. I Love You Everyday, but Today You’re My Special Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day, Husband!


It Doesn’t Matter How Many Things Are Wrong in My Life, Your Love Is Everything That Counts for Me! I Love You, Dear Husband!

with You, My Life Is a Movie with So Many Happy Endings. I Just Need to Choose Which One I Want to Go With. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thank You for Always Making Me Feel Special. You Are the Best Husband in the World and a Perfect Gift for Me. Wishing You All the Love on This Day!

I’m So Glad I Have Someone I Can Call Valentine for the Rest of My Days. I’m So Glad I Have You. I Love You and I Hope You Have a Very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Having You by My Side Makes Everything at Ease. “Thank You Baby” for Taking Care of Me and Making Me Worthy of Your Love. Happy Valentine’s Day.


the Love in My Heart Is True Since It Came the Day I Saw You. Thank You for Coming into My Life and Making It a Beautiful Place. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I Couldn’t Have Picked a Better Man to Be My Valentine Every Year for the Rest of Our Lives Together. I’m So Glad That I Have You and Would Never Change a Thing About Us. Happy Valentine’s Day, Husband!

Honey, You Are the Man for Me. You Always Make Me Feel a Woman. Happy Valentine’s Day!

on This Day When Lovers Are More Intimate Than Usual, I Want to Shower You All the Love and Care That I Can Share. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I Am Overflowing with Emotions Every Time I See You. Listening to You Is Like Music to My Ears. I Am So Glad That You Are My Partner.
Let Us Celebrate This Day Together!


You Are My Superhero. I Always See You as Someone Who Is Willing to Stand by Me When Something Bad Comes My Way. I Am Blessed That You Are the Man That I Chose to Be With.

You Fill the Empty Spot of My Life So Perfectly. Feeling Complete, I Know I Have More Love to Share. Happy Heart’s Day!

Valentines Day Wishes for Girlfriend

I Feel Great and Warm When You Love Me, Hug Me, Hold Me and Kiss Me. Be the Same Always. Happy Valentine’s Day.

the Way You Smile at Me, It Sparkles the Fire in My Heart. I Am in Love with Your Mysterious Eyes, Girl. Happy Valentine’s Day.

My Sweet Valentine, I Promise to Behave Like a Perfect Gentleman This Year and Make Sure to Give You All You Want on This Special Day, Today It’s All About Us and Our Love for Each Other. I Love You! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hey Girl, You Brought Happiness and Love with You. I Want You Always in My Arms Like Crazy and Hold You Tight. Happy Valentine’s Day.
My Day Is Not Complete Without Thinking of You. You Are My One and Only Love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

When I Wake in the Morning My First Thought Is of You, Because When I Begin My Day with You in My Mind I Know That the Day Will Be Perfect

Time Stands Still When You Are with Me, Intertwined with Our Arms, and My Heart Beats with Your Heart, Happy Valentine’s Day.

Thank You for Letting Me Love You and for Loving Me in Return. I Am So Lucky That You Are Mine. Happy Valentine’s Day!

You Are the One Girl Who Melts My Heart and Make Me Feel Special; Your Kiss Makes Me Feel the Warmth of Love. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Happy Valentine’s Day to the Most Beautiful Woman in My Life. May You Always Know How Important You Are to Me. My Life Would Be Nothing Without You to Share It With.

May Our Love Keep Us United for the Eternity! I Am So Lucky to Have You in My Life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

to Love You Is One of the Easiest Things to Do for You Make Life Seem So Much More Beautiful..i Love You and Never Want to Let Go of You, for Life Without You Would Be Miserable

Let’s Enjoy This Day with a Lot of Snuggles Because You Are Worthy of Holding on Tight. I Love You Sunshine.

You Are the Only Girl in My Life. the Flower That Will Forever Bloom Here in My Heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!


You Are the Cutest Sidekick One Could Ever Have, and I Am Thanking You on This Special Day for Always Be My Side. Happy Valentine’s Day Prettiness.

I Can Only Hope That I Make You as Half as Happy as You Make Me. My Love for You Is Infinite. Happy Valentine’s Day to the Most Wonderful Woman I’ve Ever Met.

the Twenty Four Hours of Valentine’s Day Is Too Short to Express My Feelings for You, Dear Girlfriend. but Let’s Make the Best Use of It.

a Lovely Woman Like You Should Be Told How Amazing She Is Every Day of the Year. Your All-Encompassing Love Completes Me. I Love You This Valentine’s Day and Always!

You Are My Love, My Best Friend, My One and Only. Now, Let Me Be Your Valentines Once More. Happy Valentines’s Day


I Am a Successful Man Because I Love an Incredible Woman Who Always Believes in Me. You Bring Out My Best, and Your Love Completes Me. Happy Valentine’s Day!

I Love the Way You Make Me Feel Like a Man. You Allow Me to Love You and I Am So Thankful for That. Happy Heart’s Day Darling!

with a Woman Like You in My Life, I Really Am the Luckiest Man in the World. I Hope You Have Valentine’s Day That Is as Amazing as You Are.
This Valentine’s Day, I Want to Tell You How Much I Admire and Appreciate You. I’m Thankful for All of That You Do to Make Our Home a Happy One. I Love You.

Valentines Day Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy Valentine’s Day to the Love of My Life; with You, I Have Lived the Heavenly Moments of Life.

on This Lovely Day, I’m Sending All My Love to You and Cherish All the Moments I Was in Your Arms, in Your Warm Hugs. Happy Valentine’s Day.


on Valentine’s Day and Every Day, Next to You Is My Favorite Place to Be.

I Always Thought the Perfect Guy Was a Dream. Someone Who Was Made Up in a Movie or a Book. but I Realize Even More So on This Valentine’s Day That My Perfect Man Is You.

It’s Valentine’s Day and I Wish I Was Kissing You Instead of Missing You!

Loving You with All of My Heart and Letting You Know on This Extra Special Day.

the Longer We’re Together, the Closer We Get. So Happy We Found Each Other.


You and Me — It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than Us.

You Mean the Absolute World to Me and It Is Just Another Day to Go Out of My Way to Tell You So!

I Wanted to Get You a Special Box of Valentine Candy, but I Couldn’t Find Bacon-Flavored Chocolate Hearts!

I May Not Be Your First Date, First Kiss or First Love, but I Just Want to Be Your Last Everything.

Some Women Need Red Roses, a Bottle of Wine and a Box of Chocolates to Feel Romantic. I Just Need You.


I Wish I Could Give You the World for Valentine’s Day. Will You Settle for My Heart?

I Love the Thoughtful Way You Pamper Me with Your Warm Smile and the Joy That You Bring into My Life Every Day. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I Will Always Be There for You When You Need Me. I Love You Like Crazy. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Maybe I Am Not Your First Love or First Kiss; but All I Want to Be Your Last Destination in Life. Happy Valentine’s Day.

You Swept Me Off My Feet Yet Support Me in Everything I Dreamt Of. Happy Valentine’s Day My Macho Man.


“You and I” Are the Perfectly Fitted Jigsaw Puzzle. If One Is Lost, the Other Has No Worth. Lost of Love to My Forever Valentine and Prince Charming.

Bring More Butterflies in My Stomach by Loving Me Back on This Valentine’s Day. I Love You My Dearest Boyfriend.

Before I Sleep at Night, I Always Pray for You to Be My Husband, I Cannot Imagine Myself to Be with a Man Other Than You.

Every Day, I Want You to Know That You Will Be My Valentine Again and You Will Be My Valentine for Many More Years to Come

Sweetheart, Had Fate Not Brought You into My Life, My Heart Would Have Never Known How It Feels to Be Truly Happy. Thanks to You, All I Feel Is True Happiness.


Babe, You Bring into My World All the Joy That Life Can Ever Offer. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Whenever I Set My Eyes on You, I Fall More and More in Love with You and All My Troubles Disappear. Such Is the Power of Your Amazing Beauty.

Nowadays I Am in Love with Myself, as I Know I Am the One Who Is Loved by God’s Most Beautiful Creation Ever. Wish You a Very Happy Valentine’s Day! My Love.

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