While you are reading a book, millions of theories and thoughts come into mind. Especially when it comes to explaining or even discussing the book with someone else, it gets us into a different zone and we somehow fail explaining correctly. It needs a likeminded person hearing the story flowing and gets it right.  

If you already own a Bookclub and are looking for a new book to be reviewed, ‘Where the Crawdads by Delia Owens‘ is the book you a should be looking forward to! 

Below are some tips and Where the Crawdads Sing Book Club Questions which will help you to host an amazing Book club and discuss the classic book.

Why choose this Book?

Delia Owens’s Where the Crawdads Sing has given readers what they have been seeking from a really long time, unpredictability. 

Unpredictability is one of the key factors of any book and Delia Owens has served with a silver spoon to her readers. Despite having released her debut novel Delia seemed to know what readers are seeking. Within few weeks Where the Crawdads sing became The New York Times Fiction Best Sellers of the year 2019.

It sold 4.5 million copies within the release. Delia Owne’s has created an amazing fiction world and one of the famous place Barkley Cove Nc from the book has won readers heart and every one of us want to be there once to experience the situation.  

In the times where the market is filled with all types of ideas and plots, even which are unpublished, Delia released her first book and it became the best seller. 

Even now if you see the ranking of this book, it has just slightly moved.  

Below are some questions that you can use and ask about the Crawdads book:

1.What kind of choices Kya could have made? Was there any other way around for her? 

2. What could have been the possibilities for Kya if she had stayed in school or did return to the school?

3. Discuss how poetry is used inside the book and also for whom it was meant and how did they feel. 

4. How Barkley Cove influenced Kya towards womanhood and her observations towards it?

5. Discuss despite the murder trial, would you feel that Kya is still a victim to be considered? What do you feel about her after reading the whole book?

6.The result of the trial was satisfying for you? If not, how it should have gone?

With the above questions, your Book club will be very much anticipated and involved during the whole discussion. 

Author Delia Owens has really owned the whole story and while you are reading this book, it is very difficult to put down, the kind of thrill and excitement you would feel while reading the book is up to very different levels and Where the Crawdads Sing ending will guaranteed surprise you.  

For your book club, this is a perfect book to start with!

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